Fi Collective Agreement Vacation

1. The employer and the Institute may submit to the other a political complaint concerning the interpretation or application of the collective agreement or an arbitration award, in respect of one of them or the bargaining unit in general. 1.1.31 Severance pay and other benefits under other clauses of the collective agreement are separated from and added to the provisions of this Annex. For greater certainty, the severance pay provided for in clauses 19.05 to 19.08 of Schedule «J» or other similar provisions in other collective agreements do not reduce the calculation of the benefit for workers who have not left the public service. In marketing cases where tenders will be part of the process, the members of the JOINT COMMITTEE OF THE CEF/ASD shall make all reasonable efforts to reach agreement on the criteria relating to personnel matters (e.g. Working conditions, pension and health benefits, the number of employees to be used in the tendering procedure (RFP). The committee will respect the contractual rules of the federal government. 47.03 The provisions of this Agreement shall be implemented by the Parties within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of signature. Tariffs are part of the respective collective agreements. See the collective agreement for your own sector.

If a worker dies or ceases to work, the worker or the worker`s estate receives an amount equal to the product calculated by multiplying the number of days of leave earned but not taken with his credit with the daily wage resulting from the classification prescribed by his act of appointment at the time of termination of the employment relationship. 15.09 A worker shall not be considered to be on leave for a period for which he or she is entitled to reimbursement of reasonable expenses in accordance with subsection 15.08. A worker receives leave credits for each calendar month in which he or she receives at least ten (10) days or seventy-five (75) hours of leave credits at the following rate: Subsection 15.07(d) applies to workers classified au and MG-AFS (AU) (as described in Schedule E) who have a separate vacation bank under the collective agreement signed on July 10. 2012. . . .

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