Monthly Subscription Agreement Template

A subscription contract contains the details of the purchase price for the sale of your company`s shares. It also includes the representation and guarantees that each party will make between them as part of the agreement. (Learn more about subscription agreements.) The assurances and guarantees provided are true and correct at the time of this period and must be true and correct from the date of payment of the Subscriber to the Company until the acceptance of the subscription of the Subscriber. If the insurance and guarantees provided by the subscriber are not true or correct before the Company accepts this subscription contract, the Subscriber will immediately notify the Company in writing. PandaTip: A subscription contract is what you use to get investor payments in exchange for your company`s equity. It was preceded by a private offer memorandum containing the document containing specific details on the amount of equity you offer and the price tag of that equity, in addition to business information, a list of risks and a series of liability exclusions. A subscription contract refers to the private offer memorandum and ensures that the investor has read, understands and recognizes everything. This agreement is a subscription agreement for services that define the terms of the license for the use of TURBOLAW DOCUMENT SOFTWARE and/or TURBOLAW TIME AND BILLING SOFTWARE as defined below. Additional conditions and restrictions on the licensee`s use of the software are included in the end-user`s final license (s) subscription (s) in Promethean Software Corporation (`Promethean`) and are added by reference. It is presumed that this agreement was carried out by a person with the legal capacity to bind the company and its partners, partners, shareholders or members. This agreement may be terminated by the contracting parties in accordance with the conditions provided and automatically extends from month to month, unless otherwise stated. Download the standard subscription contract I subscribe to, the services I have selected monthly, from the initial subscription date to the monthly subscription price for selected services, until I cancel Promethean in writing. Promethean reserves the right to increase my subscription price «subscription price per month» after written notification that was communicated to me at least sixty (60) days before such an increase came into effect.

Subscription fees are not refundable if the subscriber terminates or if the subscription is terminated for other reasons. I UNDERSTAND THAT AN ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION IS REQUIRED IN ORDER FOR THE USE OF THE SOFTWARE AND FOR THE ACQUISITION OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT, INCLUDING, BUT NO LIMITED TO, REGISTRATION, RE-REGISTRATION AND AUTHORIZED TRANSFER BY LICENSEE OF THE SOFTWARE TO ANOTHER COMPUTER, AND THAT I CAN CANCEL MY ORDER FOR SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES AT ANY TIME IN WRITING. Other terms of sale are included in the TurboLaw Software License Subscription below. Depending on the plans available at any time, we may charge you a standard monthly fee for the use of our system as well as additional charges, depending on the type of service you have chosen. You should check the full and current price list before signing up for services. [INSERT A PRICE LIST]. You will be able to pay by credit card or cheque when you sign up. You can terminate your account at any time, but you remain responsible for all costs incurred up to that date, including the full monthly fee for the month for which you suspended the service.

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