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The EPP can provide resources to negotiate and draft the partnership organization`s activities, such as negotiating and developing an agreement between a regional First Nations organization, the Ministry of Culture or the ISC (if no agreement is reached) and to conduct all necessary consultations with the Communities. All partners must sign the partnership agreement. Through established partnerships, the EPP can support the development and implementation of measures defined as part of a joint action plan or an existing agreement with the Ministry of Education and the ISC. EPP funding supports the establishment of eligible partnerships and the promotion of partnerships in which partnerships meet the following criteria: the «partnership establishment» and «partnership» component supports two streams of partnership activities: once the partners have signed a partnership agreement and have concluded a common action plan or agreement already in place , the Regional First Nations Organization may submit a proposal to the ISC for funding for eligible activities as part of the EPP Partnership Assistance Flow. Roles and Responsibilities: All partners share a common interest and are responsible for identifying opportunities to support and participate in the activities of First Nations students. All partners are responsible for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the partnership and its activities. In many partnerships, provincial or territorial school boards, districts or departments will also play a role in implementing joint partnership plans. Travel and mileage costs may be covered by non-overruns under the National Joint Council`s Travel Directive. A copy of the National Partnership Agreement and the state`s latest timetable are available at: Home > About > Resources > National Partnership Agreement and State Schedules The Australian government has put in place a framework for indigenous participation, which will be considered part of the new NPA for new road and rail projects.

The framework provides for a national approach to increasing opportunities for Aboriginal job seekers and businesses involved in the implementation of publicly funded land transportation infrastructure projects. The AFN supports the implementation of infrastructure projects and explains how the Australian government and countries will work together to carry out infrastructure projects for the benefit and well-being of Australians. In 2018, the National Partnership Agreement on land transport infrastructure projects was reviewed in accordance with paragraph 53 of the agreement.

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