Pastor Covenant Agreement

As a parish priest for more than 30 years, I would like to add that an alliance with a church is no better than the character of the corporate church. We are witnessing a degradation or decrease in spirituality and ethics within the local Church. Many parishioners, including chiefs, do not regard the priest as a man sent by God. Churches become petty and we never know the plans that are hatched by the members around the café to supplant the pastor. After plundering many churches, large and small, since the 1980s, I had two churches working under the cover of darkness to supplant me. There were rules and alliances, but it didn`t mean anything to those small groups of people who wanted me to leave. My advice to each priest is, although an alliance is good, do not trust an alliance. Jesus told his disciples that he sent them as sheep among the wolves. In a church, there are sheep, wolves, goats and traitors. Like someone who has been attacked and bitten several times and who has survived, if God does not have your back, then a covenant is worthless. I absolutely support an alliance signed between a pastor and the church organization to which he is called.

I have found some examples of ecclesiastical alliances, but there are far fewer examples of alliance between leadership and the Church. A few years ago, when we revised our statutes, we included an additional alliance for pastors. The example of the agreement between the Church and the pastor is very useful. It`s unique. Thank you very much! Not all churches have a covenant, and many of those who do will define an alliance differently. Other churches may have a concept of membership, but no alliance. The purpose of this article is not to spark a theological debate, but to give an example of an alliance between the pastor and the Church. Frank – you make a good point. I have noticed that others make a similar point in these comments. Our whole ecclesiastical union is between the members.

This alliance must show how pastors should be beyond the charge. It`s a big problem. Members are also responsible for the pastor`s support and must also be held to some responsibility to build it mentally. It`s a relationship that everyone belongs to.

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