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C. PAYMENT: The sponsor agrees to pay the university a fixed fixed price of [AMOUNT] for the provision of services, payable as follows: (1) fifty percent (50%) ([AMOUNT]) when implementing the agreement; (2) Forty percent (40%) ([AMOUNT]) at the centre of the project ([DATE]); and (3) ten per cent (10%) ([AMOUNT]) after the substantial completion of services by the university (together the «overall contract price»). Termination Clause This clause also eliminates the risk of the customer and reduces the buyer`s remorse. By using pooling and offering a single price for all VPA services, the question arises as to what to do if the client terminates the relationship before all services are provided. In this case, you simply have to agree on the value of the payments made, and one side will take it on the other. The customer already has the option to pay what he believed the value is due to the service guarantee, so don`t be prevented by this detail from bundling your services into a single price. Unlimited Access This service is included in the bundled price for the customer and will break the communication barrier that can arise if you calculate for each meeting and phone call. The more you talk to a customer throughout the year, the better you can offer added value, especially before the customer closes in different transactions. Are customers abusing this service? The answer is overwhelming, no.

Any customer who takes a VPA with your business is usually an «A» or «B» customer and there is already a high level of mutual trust, respect and mutual understanding. If they call you Saturday night at 11:00 p.m.m. it is usually for a very good reason (a death in the family, accident, etc.), and you want to talk to them. Each additional work resulting from these contacts is calculated separately, using a series of changes. Even if a customer has contacted your business too much, it is obvious that you are adding value and that you can adjust your price accordingly for that access. If they are abusive or are not willing to pay for your value, you should stop them. If you establish a sales contract for a service, you must also draw up the required payment plan. However, in these contracts, the term «payment» refers to the fact that the buyer will pay for the goods or services he receives. Your contract may require any type of payment you want, including: Sponsor expressly understands and accepts that it is a fixed-price fixed contract. The university is not required to provide the sponsor with an invoice, financial report, proof or justification for expenses for the provision of services as a condition of payment.

The university will not request additional funding if the university`s costs for the completion of services exceed the overall contract price and no part of the overall contract price will be returned to the sponsor after the services have been concluded (even if the university`s costs for completing the services are lower than expected). 2. Comprehensive agreement, amendments and amendments: this agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the contracting parties and replaces all previous contracts, agreements or agreements, written or written, of the parties on the purpose of this agreement, unless it is included in Appendix B, a list of associated agreements that are attached to it and are included in this reference.

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