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(c) When selecting a commercial accommodation facility, government accommodation agreements, such as FedRooms® (, should first be considered. The benefits of requesting accommodation through the FedRooms® program are: (b) If you have the right, You should consider renting a vehicle to a supplier participating in the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) U.S. Government Car Rental Agreement to benefit from the benefits of the contract, including the provisions relating to insurance and harmful liability, unless you are OCONUS and there is no agreement for your site. The benefits of renting a car through the DTMO car rental program are: The service of the U.S. flag company is provided by an airline that has a certificate of less than 49 U.S. C 41102 and which service is authorized either by the carrier`s certificate, or by a waiver or by regulation. The U.S. Flag service also includes a code-sharing contract with a foreign airline pursuant to Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, where the ticket or documentation of an e-ticket identifies the U.S. flag airline`s code and flight number.

2. The contract includes unlimited automatic insurance per kilometre and damage caused by collisions; and (3) The prices set in the lease cannot be exceeded by the seller. (2) Rental vehicles available under an agreement with the government include comprehensive insurance for damage caused by an accident that occurred during the official trip. 1. Information on bilateral or multilateral air services agreements affecting U.S. government transportation can be obtained under And the maximum amount you can be reimbursed at an actual cost is limited to 300 percent (rounded to the dollar immediately higher) of the maximum rate applicable by plan rate. However, subject to your Agency`s guidance, a lower amount may be approved. . Yes, if you are in a prosecution, investigation or similar capacity for special purposes of prosecution/investigation and your authority authorizes such expenses. (1) Increase the number of changes you need to make outside the United States by 2 or more; or you will need to submit to your agency an unused GTR, unused ticket coupons, unused e-tickets or refund requests in accordance with your agency`s procedures.

(a) You can use the 14-hour rule to travel through other than the bus class, if: b) senior federal officials. If you are a senior federal official, your agency`s senior legal officer or senior representative must authorize in advance and in writing all your government air travel, except for the required use permitted in accordance with points a) (1) and (a) (a) (2) of this section.

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