The Spirit The Water And The Blood And The Three Are In Agreement

A second interpretation says that blood and water refer to the wound on Jesus` side, which confirms the reality of his death and resurrection (John 19:34; 20:25). This understanding has the advantage of referring to events described in the Gospel of John and, by saying that the Spirit bears witness to this wound (1 John 5:7-8), John shows that believers must confess the death of a truly embodied Savior. (1) Water and blood refer to the sacraments of Schnackenburg, 257-60) What does «water and blood» mean in 1 John 5:6? It is very interesting — a link between the work of the cross — the regeneration of life through spiritual baptism — in and out of his death. The Lord says: Me and the Father are one; John 10:30 And again, they say the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one. (2) It is a reference to the water and blood that flowed from Jesus` side when he was pierced with the spear, and is therefore a symbol of Jesus` death on the cross (Brown, 578). Culpepper, 272; Grayston, 136-37; Harris, 212-13; Smith, 123-24; Thompson, 133) [jump] His use of «blood» here seems to be consistent with John 1:13, where he used the idea of being born «blood,» to refer to genealogical ancestry. Even if this is connoted, I think John probably has the cross in his head (which, if at all, would be even more offensive to the point of view he contradicts). 1 John 4:2 says, «You know thus the Spirit of God: every Spirit who confesses that Jesus Christ came into the flesh is of God, and every Spirit who does not profess Jesus is not of God.» 2 John 7 reads: For many seducers have come out into the world, who do not profess in the flesh the coming of Jesus Christ. This is how I understand the Gospel of John 3:5-6, where Jesus says in v5: «If someone is not born of water and spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God,» followed by v6, where Jesus says, «What is born of the flesh is the flesh and what is born of the Spirit is the Spirit.» The Holy Ghost also attests that Jesus is the Son of God, riding like a dove on Jesus on his baptism, which allowed him to do good and heal all those who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.

(File 10:38b NASB) The Spirit: In this case, the Spirit to which jeans refer is the Holy Spree who, at his baptism, fell like a dove on Jesus (Matthew 3:16-17). From then on, Jesus used the power of the Holy Spirit to perform miracles and proclaim God`s message.

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