Uk And Paris Climate Agreement

It is a response to a letter from Plan B on 7 July to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on official plans to deal with the climate emergency and, in particular, how the UK should restore the economy after the devastation of Covid. The government immediately accepted these recommendations and continued its obsession with Brexit without hesitation or adaptation to its climate strategy. Thus, the Committee is not in a position to offer the same type of leadership as a full-fledged departmental minister. Climate change, as a priority, has therefore lost a lot of momentum because of a government that has spoken out on Brexit. The UK government has signed a document that ratified the world`s first comprehensive climate change agreement. It will also enable the contracting parties to gradually strengthen their contributions to the fight against climate change in order to achieve the long-term objectives of the agreement. The EU`s national contribution to the Paris Agreement is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030 compared to 1990, as part of its broader climate and energy framework by 2030. All the main EU legislation to achieve this goal has been adopted by the end of 2018. Long-time climate sceptic Peter Lilley told BBC News he had no objection to the Paris agreement in Parliament because he had not noticed it. The United Kingdom officially presented on Thursday evening (3 December) the target of a 68% reduction in emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. The objective will serve as a national contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement, which will define the necessary internal measures that each country must take to contribute to the implementation of the comprehensive agreement. The Paris Agreement establishes a global framework to prevent dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to a level well below 2 degrees Celsius and by making efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius. It also aims to strengthen countries` capacity to cope with the effects of climate change and to assist them in their efforts.

The economic slowdown caused by the COVID 19 pandemic is expected to result in a 13-17% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the UK in 2020 compared to 2019 levels. As a result, it is now possible for the United Kingdom to meet its 2030 climate target, which under the current policy must be reduced by 57% from 1990 levels. However, this target was reset in 2016 and is not compatible with achieving the net zero target for 2050. After leaving the EU at the beginning of 2020, the UK is no longer bound to the EU`s target and must present its own, an ideal opportunity to formalise a stronger domestic policy target in line with its 2050 target and a new chance to play a global leadership role before COP26 next year. The Paris agreement is not without its critics and it is not the agreement that everyone wanted. Many believe that emissions targets are not sufficient and stricter targets are needed to limit the effects of climate change. It is also worrying that some of the agreement`s commitments are not legally binding and, more recently, the President-elect of the United States has raised concerns by promising to withdraw the United States (responsible for 17.8% of global emissions) from the agreement. May, although historically unsealed in terms of climate regulation, has probably not responded to a disbelief of the threat of climate change. The motivation was all the easier to deal with another political concern. The onset of the COVID 19 crisis had a serious impact on the British economy and the government`s commitment to «build greener» has not yet been complemented by strong measures. To date, only 2% of economic recovery funds have been spent on climate-related measures, compared to 30% of the last EU budget for 2021-2027 and the related stimulus package.

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