What Are The Major Buyer Agreements Allowed In Kansas

«Kansas law requires people convicted of certain crimes, including certain violent sex crimes, to register with the sheriff of the county where they reside. If you want information about these filers as a buyer, you will find information on the homepage of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) in www.Kansas.gov/kbi or by contacting the local sheriff`s office. «Any buyer of residential real estate is informed that the property may be exposed to dangerous concentrations of radon gas inside, which expose my residents to the risk of developing radon-induced lung cancer. A Class A human carcinogen, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and the second most common cause overall. Kansas law requires sellers to disclose all known information from the seller that shows high concentrations of radon gas in residential real estate. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment recommends that all buyers have an indoor radon test done before purchasing or occupying residential properties. All radon tests must be performed by a radon measurement technician. An increase in radon concentrations can be easily reduced by a radon reduction technician. For more information, see www.kansasradonprogram.org. (c) A broker may be mandated as a transactional broker by verbal or written agreement with the seller, lessor, buyer or tenant. A broker is considered a transaction broker except: (2) a broker works with a buyer or tenant as a sub-agent of the seller or lessor by accepting a sub-offer. (o) When a buyer knows that a buyer or tenant has an agency contract or a written transactional brokerage contract that grants an exclusive brokerage relationship to another broker, the taker cannot contact the buyer or tenant and do not enter into negotiations for the sale, exchange or rental of real estate with the buyer or tenant. The licensee may negotiate the sale, exchange or rental of property directly with the buyer or tenant with the informed consent of the buyer or tenant. Informed consent is proven by a consent agreement signed by the buyer or tenant prior to such direct negotiation. The approval agreement recognizes the buyer`s contract or rental agency contract or the written transactional brokerage contract and that the buyer or tenant may be liable for compensation in accordance with the terms of the agency contract or written transaction contract.

The Commission adopts, by rules and regulations, an approval agreement which will be used by licensees in accordance with this subsection. (2) that an affiliate licensee acts as a designated agent for the buyer and broker or online broker overseeing the designated agent and, if necessary, as a licensee as a transaction broker; or (e) To establish an agency relationship with a buyer or tenant, a broker must enter into a written agency agreement with the party, which must be represented at the latest at the signing of a sales or lease agreement.

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