What Is The Right Spelling Of Agreement

In the 17th century, the cartel referred to a written agreement between the warring nations, particularly for the treatment and exchange of prisoners. This use is illustrated by Bishop Gilbert Burnet in his story of his own time (1734): «Thanks to a cartel that had been established between the two armies, all prisoners had to be redeemed at a certain price and within a limited time.» These examples are automatically selected from different online sources of information to reflect the current use of the word «agreement.» The opinions expressed in the examples do not reflect the views of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us comments. According to the IAEA, the agreement has three main points that Iran has all respected. There is also «informed consent» which is defined as «consent to surgery by a patient or participation in a medical experiment by a subject after gaining an understanding of what is involved.» If you remember, concord is also synonymous with grammatical tuning. The agreement is the act of the agreement. This is an archaism rarely applied correctly today. The concord is made of the Latin concord, concors, which are both «agree» and are in com, which means «together,» and cord, kor-, which means «heart.» Literally translating the Latin terms united as «hearts together,» which gives a reason why the first meanings of English concord are «a state of concordance,» «harmony» and «agreement.» The word «agreement by measure, compact or covenant» is as follows, and over time, the Concorde refers to a treaty that establishes peace and friendly relations between peoples or nations. Thus, two countries can sign a concord in cases that have given rise to hostilities in the past and live in peace and harmony. Since the 1500s, compact has been used in English to designate an agreement or contract between two or more parties.

It is derived from Latin compactum («agreement»), a noun using compactus, the participatory past of compacisci («making an agreement») that binds the prefix com («together») to pacisci («to be agreed or agreed»). Pascisci is also the source of the pact, a precedent synonymous with compact. I agree with many of them… I heard Nancy Pelosi say that she did not want to leave until we agreed. Under secular law, confederation is used to refer to an official agreement or pact («an international human rights alliance»). It may also apply to a contract or undertaking in the context of a contract for the performance or non-performance of an act («a contract that is not pursued»). The compromise suggests abandoning something we want to reach a mutual agreement («The union and the employers have agreed to compromise»). Another meaning is to «expose yourself to suspicion, discredit or nonsense,» as in «The actor`s career has been compromised by his politically incorrect tweets» or «The editor would not compromise his principles.» And as mentioned above, it can mean risking someone or something, endangering or having serious consequences.

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